Chewing Household Items

Pigs love to explore and forage and get bored very easily as they are very intelligent. They need something to do to pass the time and occupy themselves with. If their owners don’t provide something acceptable for them to do, they will make their own fun and that usually means getting into mischief.
If you give you pet too much freedom, he will turn your home into a play pen. You must teach your pig which objects he can play with and which he can’t while you’re at home. When you assume the role of the lead pig, you must reprimand your pig strongly if he plays with forbidden items while you’re in the house. Tell him, in a strong voice, “NO, Leave it” and lead him away from the item quickly. Give him a favorite toy as a replacement and praise him when he accepts it.

You can buy or make some toys for him to play with. A rooting box, which is large but shallow plastic or wooden box filled with river rocks and birdseed. Pigs also love to roll small to medium sized balls around or chew on a soft chew toy. You can also let them shred newspaper or magazines, but only ones that you give them of course.

Remember that for this training to work, you need to catch your pig in the act. Coming home and reprimanding your pig after he has run rampant while you were out will only confuse him.

The final step is to pig proof your house – although this cannot be done fully, you can get pretty close. Pigs will want to open every cupboard and fridge that they can, looking for food or something to play with. Dangerous items such as candy, snacks, dog and cat food or household cleaners must be put well out out of reach. You can also use child proof locks on all the doors that you pig may be able to get to.

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  2. alyssa says:

    thanks for the tips about the pot belly pig and i love pigs so just wanted to say thanks for showing me the tip

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