Pot-Bellied Pigs with Cats, Dogs and Other Animals

Find out everything there is to Know
About Caring and Loving your Pet Pigs
How are They With Other Animals?
Many pig owners will tell you that their Pig and Dog get on very well, but others
will warn you against it. It really depends on the personalities of both animals.
As far as other pets are concerned, there is a variety of factors to consider. The
first meet-up of the new house pets will be very important. If you are bringing a
piglet back to the house, make sure you are holding him in your arms. Allow
the dog to come close to it, smell it and get comfortable with it. As they grow,
they will form their own system of doing things, but remember, never leave
them alone together. A pig is usually no match for a dog, especially if there is
more than one of them. I know that some dogs and pigs get along very well,
whilst others have a harder time. For some reason, Cats and Pigs get along
very well and seem to have quite a good relationship. Again, there are
exceptions to the rules, but this is generally the case. Remember, if your pig
does seem to get aggressive, try not to hit it.
The system of rewarding them when they do something that you approve of is
the only system that will work. Pigs are really stubborn and have excellent

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