Teacup Pigs and Dogs

Many individuals are asking if they can keep pot-bellied pigs and dogs together. The answer is YES, but there are tips that you must follow in order to keep their relationship smooth. You do not want to go home one day and find your dead pot-bellied pig on the floor. There is no limit to the relationship of your pet pig and dog. They can be best of friends and enjoy playing with each other. Micro pigs do not go along well with kids because they want to dominate the kids, but with a dog, their relationship can be smooth. So, how are you going to keep the relationship of your pet pig and dog smooth?

Rule #1: Never ever leave the pig and the dog alone. Dogs and pigs can live together, but, you should never leave them on their own. By nature, a dog is a predator and the mini pig is its prey. No matter how good their relationship is, the dog will still see the tea cup pig as a prey that can be attacked when he is provoked. The dog has long patience, but they can never tolerate the screaming of a pig. As soon as they hear the scream of a pig, it is their natural instinct to attack it and may even kill it. The scream of a piglet is an open invitation to the dogs, and even the best-behaved dog will attack on instinct. To avoid clashes between dogs and piglets, you should always supervise them.

Rule #2: Keep them together while they are still young. Pot-bellied pigs are exotic pets and they are not used to the presence of dogs. They are used to staying with the herd and they are very dominant. On the part of the dogs, they are domestic predatory animals, and the presence of a pig on their territory boils their blood. If you started to keep them together while they are still young, their anger towards each other can still be controlled. As days pass by, the presence of each will become familiar until they will finally realize that one party does not mean any harm. However, they still have their own instincts, and you will never know when will the pig provoke the dog to attack, so do not ever leave them alone.

Rule #3: Keep their feeding area away from each other. As much as you want to make the dog and the pot-bellied pig close to each other, do not feed them close to each other. Start this practice while they are still young so that they will be familiar with the set up. Although the dog’s food is different from the pig’s food, there comes a time that the pot-bellied pig wants something from the dog’s plate. Of course, the dog will not give it because it is his own food. This may lead to a fight that may cause them to be harmed or may even cause one party to be killed. Usually, it is always the pig that ends up the loser because fighting and attacking is one of the dog’s natural ability.

Rule #4: Keep their sleeping areas away from each other. Even during the night, the pot-bellied pig and the dog can create a commotion. Tea cup pigs often make strange noises at night while they are sleeping that may alert the dogs. The hearing capability of the dog is very acute and they can hear even the softest scream of the pot-bellied pigs at night. This time around, the pig will be defenseless because they are not used to the dark environment while the dog has the hunting capability so they can still see in the dark. If possible, keep them from separate rooms of the house, or from the opposite corners of the yard.

Rule #5: Install additional locks or fences on the house of the dog and the pig. The lock will serve as additional protection for the dog or the pig. Sometimes, when the pig roams, he may get to the area of the dog and may do something that upsets the dog. With an extra lock and fence, the dog cannot just get out from his house and attack the pig. Also, when the pig screams at night, the dog cannot just get into the pig’s house and attack it.

Rule #6: Know what to do when the dog attacks your pet pig. You cannot always prevent the fact that the pot-bellied pig may get attacked by your dog. Thus, you have to know what to do when the time comes. You should know how to calm your dog when rage overpowers it. You should know how to grab their attention when you feel that there is something wrong between them. When you feel that the dog starts to get angry, take him out from the place immediately. When the pot-bellied pig screams, calm it immediately before the dog comes and attack it.

Rule #7: Be alert and be prepared. You should pay more extra attention when the pot-bellied pigs and the dogs are together. You already know the fact the dogs and the pigs can be best of friends, but they can always fight and hurt each other. When you are guarding them, always observe them so that you may calm them when they start to get angry. Usually, it is the pig that provokes the dog to attack, so you should keep things away that may hurt the pig causing him to scream. In case the dog or the pig gets hurt, you should know how to treat them temporarily before bringing them to a veterinarian.

Having a dog and a pot-bellied pig together as pets is very interesting. You will really feel happy if you can see them playing together or roaming the yard together. It would be nice to see them taking care of each other or protecting each other from neighboring pets. But before you can see all of those friendly actions, you should be successful first in keeping pot-bellied pigs and dogs together.

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  1. clover says:

    I had a few questions

    - does the livestock ban apply to teacup pigs?
    -are they good with strangers?
    -would it ever be possible to leave a pig and a dog together?


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